Mariam’s Photo Album

Photo0132 Photo0141

Mariam Sameh M. Shaker (my daughter) when she was a few days old…

Photo0245 Photo0249

This when she was exactly 4 months old…

27022009112 27022009113

Exactly 6 months old…

11-28042009301 12-23052009404

Around 8 months old…

13-23062009531 14-26062009546

10 months old…

20-21092009780 21-21092009788

During eid El-Fetr 2009

22-30092009862 23-30092009867

At the beach 🙂

24-03102009880 25-09102009924

Just some different photos…

01052010153 19062010232

Behind the wheel, with some shades on …



2 Responses

  1. ma sha2 Allah la kowa ella be Allah, ya 3asal ya mariam

  2. Ma shaa2a Allah

    As2alo Allah an ya7fadaha men kol soo2 🙂

    great blog by the way.


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