Islam, Information Security, How they correlate ?

Today I woke up from a very weird dream, I was talking to a crowd about Islam, introducing it to them in a different way, I talked (in my dream) about many topics which all tend to prove the greatness of Islam and its book (Quran), some of which are already been spoken about by many people, including but not limited to the Arabic language itself, but the one that totally surprised me is Islam’s relation with Information Security concepts, and how it applies …

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Yet another post about OpenVPN…

What is OpenVPN ?

OpenVPN is a SSL/TLS based user-space VPN server/client, it’s capable of

  • Creating point-to-point or server-to-multiclient encrypted tunnels between host computers.
  • Establishing direct links between computers across network address translators (NATs) and firewalls.

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