Read The Freakin’ Manual – RTFM

It seems that I increasingly encounter people that just make me wanna shout (RTFM) …

I know, RTFM originally stands for “Read The F**** Manual”, but I’d rather use Freakin’ instead, just out of decency …

Situations like these below made me shout (RTFM) :

I was giving a session to some guys at the data center to give them some overview, and we ended with an open discussion, and one of them asked me, “What the second column/row in rndc stats output means, and I said to him “You can do ‘man rndc’ and see what it has for you, RTFM”

I happen to have a fresh graduate who have joined my team a couple of month ago, and I noticed that she’s doing hell a lot of googles all the time for any topic (big or small), Seriously; RTFM first

More than once I receive replies and comments on some topics in the blog asking for “detailed steps”, or “a complete config file”, or “I have an error that says ……, how to fix it?”, and my favorite “I need the complete configuration setup+guide to HOW to build a secure VPN server” similar comments I don’t even approve to be published, and they make me shout; For god’s sake, RTFM

Yet another fresh graduate from those who have joined my company lately came to me asking “I got an error, what can I do?”, “Well, what is the error” I asked, he instantly said “I didn’t read it”, I shouted “RFTM”…

Too much google’ing can damage your brain and your ability to think for yourself, so please guys; RTFM