Java Timezone Information 2011g … The community release is here :)

Egypt has recently stopped working with DST time, so we need to update our timezone information with the latest updates, as a normal user for java, I used to download the TZUpdater tool which was always available for free from SUN …

But not anymore, as Oracle started to show its ugly face, if you go to you’ll see the following notice

TZUT v1.3.39 now available containing the Olson 2011g update. Please contact your local Oracle Support Office to obtain this version. For questions, please contact Oracle Support.

Go ahead and try to call Oracle local support office, and they’ll let you know that the update is only available to paying customers, could you imagine the impact of this on thousands and thousands of companies and users ???

I mean what the hell Oracle was thinking !!!

So, for those who know me well, they know that I cannot accept to feel hand-coughed, I need to fix the problems with java timezone as soon as possible, so I decided to build the entire timezone information from scratch … and Yes, I really did it, and I called it … 🙂

The detailed steps on how I created the new timezone definitions will follow in a separate blog post tonight …

The newly created package is based on the Olson timezone data 2011g which can be obtained from

I’ve tested the resulting timezone files, and are now working on 7 production servers, so I decided to take one more step and pack it along with tzupdater …

The modified tzupdater is available on a link hosted on my VPS …

The modified tzupdater doesn’t alter a piece of code from the original tzupdater, only the timezone files (archive) and the associated version files, however the tz tests has been disabled in this package, so the updater will just go ahead and install without testing, you have been warned …

However, as with all opensource and freeware, the provided package doesn’t assume any warranty, nor support … And I’m not even sure if I’ll be releasing future packages similar to this …

If in doubt, please extract the content of the archive named data/ which is inside tzupdater.jar and replace the content of the folder named $JRE_HOME/lib/zi … and then restart any JVM instance that might be using this JRE …

Again, I don’t assume any support nor liability, if you choose to use this package you’re totally on your own, however, it’s working very well on all my production servers …

One last thing, what the hell Oracle was thinking when they decided to close this tool to paid customers only?? Are they trying to kill Java and its killing popularity ???

Did they really think the community will just stand still and beg for their updates ????

It really makes me wonder… Shame on you Oracle, Shame on you …

Everyone, just enjoy …



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  1. Damn! We are switching from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK. And we are considering replacing Java apps.

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