Man, I miss lots of things;

I miss Dubai, the quality of life, the manners of driving,enjoying driving at 140~160 Km/hr without worrying some @!&^%@^&!#!@# will just jump in front of you, the sun set on the gulf shore, the BBQ in the open air, the vast green parks, how people (well most of them) respect each other, how the police employees respect everyone (almost everyone), shopping for fruits and vegetables without worrying about (is it OK? or is it contaminated!), and best of all, ice skiing…

 IMG_1550 IMG_0067

I miss ITWorx, the open doors policy, how things are just simple and straight forward (I’m talking about people’s attitude with each other), the fun, the flexible working hours system, taking only 15 mins to/from home…

I miss lots of my friends, Khaled, Shihab, Montasir, Emad, Fahad, the people whom I shared with all the outings, all the laughter, all the movies, all the pop corn, all the BBQs, basically everything fun in life…

But after all this is life, things come and go, people come and go, eventually the one will leave everything behind, the only thing would be left are memories; sweet memories…

At the end of day, I’m just a human, I can’t help looking back in time and wish it back…


3 Responses

  1. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  2. As you said,
    “this is life, things come and go, people come and go”

    I hope you better life in your current environment.

  3. Dubai, missing u toooooooooooooooo

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