Another step ahead… RTOS…

Yesterday I finished a training course that was about RTOS, the instructor was Amr Ali, and Wasiem Hashim, the course covered some topics about RTOS, concepts, scheduling, threading, synchronization, and best of all, concepts of porting…

It turned out that I know much already to get me started, and already have the foundations I need to do good work, Cross-Compiling, solid C/C++ programming skills (threading, synchronization, TCP/IP), good OOP knowledge (thanks to Mostafa Hashem), what I really need now is build my skills in device driver development, that shouldn’t be too hard, right??

Yesterday night, I had a sleepless night, dreaming about RTOS, uC-OS II, Velos, and the best of all; ARM assembly code 😀 …

As I used to collect and try all kind of UNIX OSs, (Linux “all the flavors I could get my hands on”, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, Mac OSX), I’ believe I’ll start collecting RTOSs to my library of software, and try them out -mainly- on QEMU, and any hardware I could put my hands on, like the Linksys WRT-160N, and La-Fonera 2200, or even boot it with grub on a VM (why not?!); that would be my next step…

Wish me luck…


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  1. in my rating this is the number one page that contains abbreviation i don’t know and never heard about 😀

  2. lol , thanks .

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