Anaconda boot time options…

In a previous post, a friend replied that I didn’t really need to modify initrd.img to embed ks.cfg just because I can’t use eth0 …

He was totally right, I’ve gone through much without looking for the easiest and obvious…, this page has all the options that anaconda (the installer for CentOS/RHEL/rPath and more) supports…

One of the options I could have used and avoid the hassle of the choosing which interface to be used for the installation is ksdevice .

It also happens to have several interesting switches; (according the page linked above) takes one of 4 types of argument which tells install what network device to use for kickstart from network:

  • An argument like ‘eth0’ naming a specific interface
  • An argument like 00:12:34:56:78:9a indicating the MAC address of a specific interface
  • The keyword ‘link’ indicating that the first interface with link up
  • The keyword ‘bootif’ indicating that the MAC address indicated by the BOOTIF command line option will be used to locate the boot interface.

See, sometimes the easy way is just staring us in the face, but yet we can’t see it, or too lazy to look for it …


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