One Step Ahead…

Knowing the path is something, but walking the path, is a totally different thing…

A few weeks back, I’ve applied for the Intel® Embedded Pre-Release Seed Board Program, I’ve provided my proposal, along with a small description of what I have in mind to design in the field of Embedded System, and vuala, I’m accepted…

So, yesterday the FedEx guy showed up with a big box for me, and there it was, right in front of me; the bleeding edge of technology…

A Dual core Intel Embedded i7 CPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and an ATX Mother board featuring the following:

SATA/eSATA connectors, USB ports (5V 0.5 Amp, 12V 1.5 Amp, and 24V 3Amp powered ports), Mini-PCI slot for Wifi/WiMAX, a 1Gb Ethernet, and some other weird stuff that I’ve never heard of, 2 XDP Debug ports (one for CPU and one for the Chipset), 2 JTAG ports (one for CPU and one for the Chipset), and an LPC port (I don’t know yet how to make use of it), and the usual (HDMI, Audio Jacks, VGA, PS/2 ports, two serial ports), and some really weird piece of hardware, they call it the mid-plan, that provides USB ports extension, LVDS (I don’t know what that is)…

However, I believe it’s missing something really important, GPIO ports, but hey, you can’t have everything at once 🙂 , will have to figure out a way for this, not a big deal…

Photo0516 Photo0518 Photo0521 Photo0523 Photo0519

The package has just left me speechless, I have a loooong way to make use of this amazing piece of hardware…

I don’t yet have definite plans for this board, but I have high hopes, once I finish reading what I’m reading, I believe I can do something big, really big…

But basically I’m going to need to following, JTAG Debugger port/software for my PC, Serial/Parallel USB converters for my laptop…

JTAG and XDP debugger tools are just way too expensive for me to buy, but until I really totally need to use them, I think I’ll have to figure out my way without them….

Wish me luck, this is just one step on the path…


4 Responses

  1. i wish you all the luck

  2. Dear Eng. Sameh ,
    Really amazing ,
    I’m really expecting much more success for you ,
    Keep moving forward and good luck.

  3. Dear Sameh.

    Really you are great and someone i can look up to. Good luck with your new challenge.

    Best wishes.

  4. Hey Sameh stumbled across your blog site and applied for a similar Intel seed board program and got through. I requested a different set up more for industrial mini ITX systems. You’re lucky you got ram

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