Let’s start reading, let’s keep learning…

A few days back, I was thinking, how much books should the one read in average ?!

So, I decided to ask the man’s best friend, Google, sorry dogs it’s just google is more useful nowadays, at least for me, nothing personal :D  ….

Anyway, I came across someone’s blog who asked this in his blog, and for my surprise, the guy mentioned that he reads 40~50 books per year !!!!!

40 books?? come on, for god’s sake !!!! that would mean around 3 books per month ?!

And yet more, there was some reply from some other guy who mentioned that he reads 80~90 books per year !!!!!! That means 6~7 books per month…

Those guys really made feel that I’m just like an animal, eats, drinks, hunt for food (work), sleep, and that’s it !!!

I’ve spent the past 1.5 months reading a book (about 900 pages), and yet I didn’t finish it …

So, here’s what I decided to do, the moment that I stop learning will be the moment I die…

Why not? I’m still young, healthy, I have the internet right under my finger tips, instead of spending time watching some silly TV series, why not open a book ?!

This doesn’t mean that I’ll bury myself, no, it just means that I need to do better and I can do better to educate myself, enhance my way of thinking, advance my career …

So, let’s start reading, let’s keep learning…


5 Responses

  1. Way to go Sameh, i was actually going to launch a campaign with my University IT buddies called “continuous learning” with a main idea of organizing study groups in basics/advanced stuff because my learning curve got low after involving in a full time job 🙂

    You have to be a proactive excellent time manager to survive in our kind of jobs 😀

  2. Dear Sameh,

    That’s astonishing but firstly you will have to learn how to learn. to gain your goal try to learn speed reading or photo reading that will help you a lot specially in our IT field.


  3. No one will ever be able to learn anything about life and themselves from any book. The only real knowledge is the knowledge gained through direct conscious experience.

  4. […] Book worm… Posted on November 18, 2010 by smshaker In a previous blog entry, I’ve mentioned some guy on the internet who used to read 80~90 books per […]

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