I should have done it while I could…

Tonight, I’ve just finished watching this movie, it’s called He’s just not that into you, it was a really nice movie, I like it….

For a moment, actually lots of moments, I felt that I can see my life being displayed on that silver screen !!!!

I mean, that is just me, that what did happen to me, I was in shock, part of that movie was telling some part of my life, and I walked out of it speechless, not the movie was “WOW” it’s just a nice movie, but it made me think over about things…

Lots of things, choices I’ve made, things I just passed either because someone didn’t like, or things I accepted because someone would be happy with…

Why on earth did I do this??

Also I had that chance, golden chance; to set things right for me once again, and yet I just didn’t take it, why? because it would have made someone sad, and now it too late…

I mean, what about me? what did I get in return? Am I really that demanding?

I’m just lost…I really should have done it while I could…


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