A rough day…

Today was a very rough day, I’ve been at work for 8.5 hours, yet I feel that I made a 12+ hours worth effort, and yet still got more work to do…

Here’s a list of what work I did today:

  1. Replied (politely) to one of the most annoying customers, answering all his questions and concerns, it was really stressful trying to be polite with someone who’s not
  2. A new deployment on the Vignette CMS at work (may be later I shall document how it’s built), new content types, new packages, new static content
  3. Worked on a VoIP problem where several UK DID numbers went down for one of the major customers
  4. Helped my friend in Kazakhstan on two minor problems
  5. Granting access for several guys on a SharePoint portal (2007), I might also elaborate more information on how it’s built later
  6. Preparing a technical proposal for a new VoIP system for a set of schools
  7. Changing the technical proposal for a VoIP client to reflect a CR (change request) he recently made to the original proposal (adding load balancing and a fail-over node)

I feel that I need to sleep no less than 12 hours (minimum), and yes I can really sleep that deep, and up to 24 continuous –non interrupted- hours of sleep…

Now let’s get back to work to finish these diagrams and send them to their rightful recipients, wish me luck…


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