Zimbra LDAP problem…

Welcome back…

A few days a go a friend of mine in Kazakhstan faced a problem with Zimbra unable to start, he published it on this page

This happened after a memory chip over heated and the machine ended in a halt state…

After the reboot, zimbra won’t start and slapd seems to take 99% CPU, I have similar problem with SUN ONE LDAP, which now is holding over 58,000,000+ (you read it correct, 58M entries), where all of a sudden the master LDAP server crashed and had a corrupted DB, and it took over 23 hours trying to recover the DB, but never finished it, that’s another story to tell…

Slapd seems to try to recover some corrupted DB, but seems to take forever, he seemed to have also messed with /etc/hosts file on the machine…

So now we have double the trouble:

  1. OpenLDAP won’t start
  2. OpenLDAP takes forever trying to recover the DB

So here’s what I’ve done (described in the URL above too):

  • Added the FQDN with the machine’s local IP in /etc/hosts, the machine didn’t have the public IP assigned to it directly, so, when OpenLDAP tries to bind to the host name mail.domain.com, it can’t bind to the public IP, and hence unable to start, adding the following line in /etc/hosts solved this problem:

192.168.x.y     mail.domain.com

  • Now it says it’s recovering DB, and seem to take very long time considering its DB is less than 20MB !!!! so I gave it the cold shoulder 🙂
  • Deleted these files; alock and __db.* from /opt/zimbra/openldap-data, I learned this trick from a previous SUN ONE LDAP problem I faced at work…

Now slapd starts without any problems, and zimbra can now continue to load without problems at all…

Problem Solved 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hello friend,

    Do u compiled the zimbra by ur self or using the binary one ?

    I’m trying to compile zimbra on ubuntu 8.10 + tomcat 6, never been successful ..

    • I’ve just used the binaries available from their site, it works fine actually, I never needed to compile it from source…

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