Cracking the program…

Hello again, missed me?

Most of us have always used cracked software, and I believe in the saying (software is like sex, it’s better when it’s free), but by cracking it you’re raping it 😀 ….

And guess what, cracking the software is really fun, in the past 6 months I’ve cracked into all the applications i needed to crack (about 4 or 5) and couldn’t find a ready-made crack for…

Cracking the software makes use of all your experiences, all your knowledge, and all your thinking power, I’d really recommend cracking applications as some sort of mind exercise… I’m no programmer, i only know how to understand the code when i see it, i’ve cracked into applications written in JAVA, C, C++, PHP and Perl all written to be used on *nix environments, i’ve never tried to crack the windows based applications, and i don’t think i’ll have to…

The whole point is about reverse engineering and to know where to hit, and what is the best yet easiest approach to do so, but the simpler the crack, the trickier it becomes, for example, you can decode an encrypted file and change the license validation line, or you can dive in the assembly code, and look for the conditions to nullify or inverse…

The later can involve changing only 1 bit of the executable, but to get to this 1 bit, WOW, it took me over 11 hours work…

As for now, i’ve just finished cracking one of the best cutting edge enterprise server software for linux, it took me about 11 hours, i’ve tried 5 different approaches until i was able to successfully hit the spot, at the end of day, i was able to disable the time check for license expiry….

I may never get the chance to use the software ever, but I’m glad i could do it, i do it just because i can, it was a challenge, I wasn’t able to decompile the application, and most probably it was written in C++, but what the heck; i played directly with the assembly code 😀

Attached is one of the best documents I’ve seen on the internet regarding reverse engineering…. Reverse Engineering for Linux


2 Responses

  1. where were you all that time?

  2. Salam Sameh,

    why you not blog what are you doing with android here?

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